There’s nothing like summer in the city …

…As long as you have Air Conditioning!

The last couple of weeks have been somewhat challenging. I never really thought about how hot it can get in New York.

Growing up in the UK weather that high the high 20’s (75+ for my USA pals) was a rarity, which usually occurs in June, or late September for a couple of weeks. Every single Brit will be out in their summer finest; Perhaps flip flops, shorts and a t-shirt! Desperate to catch every ray of sun you can and by the end of the heat wave ending up like a lobster.

The exposure we get to great weather is usually on a trip to Europe, or if you’re super lucky somewhere more exotic around the world. I have been fortunate enough to get to Holiday (Vacay) pretty much every year since I can remember; massive thanks to my parents!!! So the thought of the sun blazing on my skin, giving me a lovely glow has been exciting me ever since the winter of New York froze my soul.

BUT I forgot one very very important thing. Holiday = hotels/apartments which are 99% of the time fully equipped with Air. COLD AIR. And as much as I totally adore my new apartment, it was lacking this vital ingredient.

The determined stubborn side of me had taken over, and I was convinced I could survive the summer. But after a mere 5 days of heat… enough was enough. However here’s a few tips that I learnt along the way to getting A/C;

1, FREEZE EVERYTHING THAT TOUCHES YOUR BODY AT NIGHT. I ended up soaking my towels, pillowcases and pjs, and leaving them in the freezer throughout the day. It was bliss! Well until everything returns to room temperature and you now realise you are laying on damp HOT towels.

2. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT waste money on a fan. They do nothing except circulate hot air around your already very hot apartment. If it’s too late; keep that thing pointing out of the window. There’s some strange science but I have to admit this really does help keep you from going insane.

3. Only allow cold drinks and cold food into your body.

4. Become ultimate BFF’s with a cold shower. Even 4-5 times a day.

5. Don’t make the mistake of using the oven, or dryer (if you’re lucky enough to have one in your apartment.) This only adds to the craziness.

6. Spend as much time as you can away from your apartment. I resulted in tripling my time at the gym. I was sweating, but at least sweating with the aid of A/C

and lastly…

7. Empty subway cars are always to be weary of at the best of times. But in the summer it’s a clear indication of one thing.

There will be no Air Conditioning in that car. STAY AWAY!


Here’s to summer, in the greatest (and maybe sweatiest, city in the world!)

— xo

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