Bring On Tomorrow!

“….We can’t wait!”

After spending months singing these lyrics during Fame, I can’t believe It’s now been over a month since I actually GRADUATED! I wanted so much to keep up with my blogging regularly this year, but the final semester really gave me no free time, and in the blink of your eyes, July is here.

So the next few blogs may be slightly out of sync… I want to fill you in on what went down over the last six months (wow half the year has gone already?!) That aside, I am looking forward to what the next year has in store for me, and quite honestly, I can say, I am the happiest I have ever been!


Graduation actually occurred the day after I had officially moved out of The Stratford Arms (a truly bittersweet feeling) and into my beautiful, new apartment in Manhattan. I had the pleasure of celebrating our final classes with my wonderful group, followed by pizza, drinks and a very late night. After a couple of hours shut eye, It was time to get ready in the Cap and Gown and go…

“Do your thing, on the runway!” 

– Thanks to Ru for always having the right song for my life stories!


I may have only managed to get 2 hours sleep, but nonetheless ASOS deserves a shout out for the fantastic dress I found for the occasion. It made up for the bags under my eyes, and the sweat that was about to appear from the New York sun!

Even though I had the pleasure of Graduating from school in London back in 2012; my AMDA graduation felt extra special. Caps, Gowns, Graduations and Proms just SCREAM America to me, so I couldn’t wait to live my best High-School Musical life (HA!)


– Your eyes aren’t deceiving you. I did replace Sharpay Evans face with mine. No shame. At. All.

I could write for days upon end about each person that has made an impact on me during this experience, but you know I love you dearly, and how much you mean to me. So I’ll save my extra soppy side and just post some of my favourite photos from the day.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Today wasn’t just about getting to dress up, take a million photos with friends and loved ones, but a MASSIVE personal milestone.

I did it.

Two years ago I was knee deep working any, and every job I could in London. Planning shows and fundraising however I could. In fact, I think around this time two years ago, it actually wasn’t looking very promising that I could even board the plane to come in the first place. So walking into the hall seeing all my fellow classmates in their royal blue uniform, almost brought a tear to my eye. I’m HERE.

20180526_NY_Spring Graduation_KC Bailey

I have expressed my thanks so much, but here I go again. Because, why not? Gratitude and thanks should handed out daily, by the gallon.


To every single individual, wherever you are in the world now, who helped get me here; you have started a chapter of my life that has made me feel complete. I always knew I wanted to be in New York, and ultimately perform here too. Even just being presented with the opportunity to come, felt like I had won the lottery, but completing the finishing life has made the dream a reality.


I have made friends for life, learnt from some of the most talented, humble and AWESOME people, and created memories that will be worth more than any price tag.

This is just the beginning chapter, of hopefully many many more here. I look forward to keeping you all updated with my adventures and journeys, and really hope you can and will come and visit me.


– xo

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