New York or Bust!

I haven’t just arrived (side note: I was shocked I hadn’t used this as a title already for a blog entry!) So …. I haven’t just arrived to NYC, but February marks the start of Professional New York auditions, and I am so excited. I have 4 lined up for next week, and even though I may not get seen for any, the prospect of getting back into the room is filling me with excitement and nerves, but good adrenaline.

4th Semester is here, and I am looking forward to working with this new group of people; and graduating with them: F4’s!

IMG_1984(for more updates FOLLOW ME)

Within 24 hours, I had to part ways with some people who I know I will be friends with regardless of the next 15 weeks, in fact no matter what happens over the next chapter of my life; I know they will be a part of it still. 3rd Semester; you taught me to be even more patient, and filled me with so many more fantastic, and side-splitting memories!


And just like that, I have dates for my Musical and Drama showcases at AMDA (I am sure i’ll spam your news feeds with dates over the coming months!) We are almost at the end of our second week of Musical rehearsals and it’s been a rollercoaster of emotions, and throwbacks…. (Copacabana memories GALORE!) The most heart warming news…. my mum is able to fly over (in such a short space of time) and get to see me on a stage again. More importantly, I just cannot wait to give her the biggest hug and spend some well needed, quality time together. Our second time of taking on NYC together!


(throwback to November 2015.)

I’m spending my days researching where and whom I need to audition for, preparing letters and music, and having my new photos taken by the beautiful soul that is SHIRIN TINATI – she worked her talented, and left me wanting to be her best friend. After quite a rocky week, I left feeling beautiful, positive and back on track. Here’s just a snippet of what came out of that:


(P.S Anyone at AMDA still need shots, BOOK HER NOW; she has 6 spaces left before our deadline approaches!) 

It’s all early rises, and late nights, but I feel like I am about to embark on a very exciting part of my story here. I have 6 days to apply for my OPT; and know that this is a goal I can accomplish. I’m saving every cent I can (and trying not to eat as I do to save money) so I can take my papers into school next week and get another year in New York to work, and attain performing jobs. I know so many of you have helped me so much thus far, and if you have a spare $, I can’t say thank-you enough times!

That’s all for now, next week is audition time. Blog to follow.

“This is my moment, I know it, I can taste it and I sure ain’t gonna waste it and it’s time I faced it!” 




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