It’s Hard To Be The Bard…

The last two weeks have once again flown by. I have finished a very long day of rehearsals, revised the New York Times arts & leisure section, sung through my book, practiced my mid-term dance combinations and reviewing every word for the Shakespeare texts that lie ahead of me.

Acting has now progressed, well and brought me back to the Bard himself. It always reminds me of the two glorious years I spent in Stratford-Upon-Avon studying at one of the best colleges, and living down the road from the Birth place of this legend. (This is when I would ordinarily throw a picture of the good times on here… but I need to try get my hard drive back in action so I can unearth some golden oldies!) For now a snapshot of Will’s house will have to do;

4b14b9b4e6cd2a71508a648291dbebf3--shakespeares-birthplace-literary-travelIt’s when I see pictures like this, I miss the beauty that England holds.

Anyway… We are studying Shakespeare, and all his words have to offer. I adore getting lost in the rhythm and the words, but I have to admit hearing and speaking them with an American dialect feels like treason. Like I am disobeying my own roots, and how the words should sound. BUT, alas, I understand why I must.

Other than getting to frolick with Twelfth Night, I am getting to spend time with a little boy, who I have watched grow over the last 6 months. He holds such a special place in my heart, and always cheers me up.

He thinks Snapchat is hillarious. He particularly liked the Unicorns!

New York has finally decided that Fall has arrived, and temperatures went from 30 to -3 (this is CELCIUS for my American friends before they really panic!) in 24 hours. So the Sweaters (Jumpers) and the layers have resurfaced in my wardrobe. Honestly, New York winds are in their own category of weather; the chill rips through your eyeballs: OUCH!

Sundays have turned into a gathering of my new gorgeous friends and hanging out in new spots around the city having Brunch! How very Sex and The City of us (albeit on a massive budget!) I am so grateful for the new faces I’m getting to work with this semester. Sorry you’re going to hear and see their faces quite a bit over the next few months!

Other than brunching, I am spending the spare dollars I have on Make-up. I blame my obsession on Emily Bagshawe. Sorry I had to name and shame you, but I know you don’t mind at all. So a few new additions were added to the collection. Sephora you are a blessing and a huge sin at the same time.

(On the left: Boxy Charm – for my USA friends. Its $21 a month, but you get FOUR to FIVE full sized products every month. And always something high end. Check it out!! On the right: A couple of treats from the Weekly Wows at Sephora: Buxom White Russian (Finally!) and Amanda, and a gorgeous winter sparkly eye palette!) 


Every blog, I say I will start reviewing the shows I see. I have set myself a dead line to write up the ones I have seen this semester. I won’t go into details here, but I managed to bag some fancy orchestra seats for HELLO, DOLLY! And boy, it was worth every single cent. – Happy Birthday Miss Bagshawe!



This week brings some many things to look forward to….

KATIE FORGE herself hitting the City! (EEE!)


BLACK FRIDAY – apologies in advance credit card, and mum!

And a half week at school. I adore every day I spend at AMDA, but the extra two days off are definitely needed as we are entering the 6th (sɪksθ – thinking always in IPA!) WEEK of my Third semester.

“…My days are so busy it’s making me dizzy. There’s so much I gotta do…”

-Something Rotten



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