They Say Times Are Hard For Dreamers …

And Third Semesters! Well at least that’s the rumour that goes around AMDA: that Third Semester will eat you alive.


(My RA board for this semester… I’m pretty proud of it! Of course obvious shout-outs always go to my main gals (The Buttercups)My Mother, Disney and London! Thanks to Tessa for the inspirational colors and theme too!)

I’m three weeks in, and it has flown by. Technically five weeks if you count the two I had worked training and orientation.  Moving back into dorms was such a strange feeling. On one hand It felt like I had never left. Everything still looked and smelt the same (any Stratford arms resident will totally understand what I mean!?) However I hadn’t stepped foot inside the doors for three months; there were so many new people, and I felt like I almost didn’t belong.


However within 24 hours I had moved in, made my room look and feel comfortable and I was ready for the madness to commence.


(More photos to follow of my room. In fact I may even blog about the little touches I made. Everything cost so little, and has really transformed it!) 

Orientation brought me a new fantastic friend and co-worker, and the most fun week! I shared a week introducing a bunch of students to New York and AMDA and they have all touched my heart. The sweetest and most sincere and enthusiastic people I have had the priviledge to meet! To group 2; you ROCK! And you continue to make me feel like a Superstar every day you see me !!!

Alas, third semester began. I choose my words carefully, as Acting is taking us way back to my roots of Stratford-Upon-Avon and SHAKESPEARE!

I am now officially an E3. My new group of friends are fiercely talented and beautiful; I am very excited to share the next 15 weeks with some old, but mainly new faces. We have been blessed with incredible teachers (even though they all have their own individual ways of working and testing,) and I’ve been very lucky to be placed in the highest level for EVERY dance class. However I share being an E3 and ALL my dance classes with the ridiculously talented Oz… Broadway watch out; he is going to Sissone his way right to center stage (and probably quite literally!!)


(Check out his instagram: Oz Shoshan – and you’ll understand just how incredible!)

Every day there is something new to learn; whether it be a Shakespearean text, a new solo or duet, polishing new routines or perfecting my American Standard dialect. It’s full on and I am overall loving it! Oh, and I got selected to take a Dialects elective: here’s to learning some fabulous regional American Accents this semester!

Within three weeks I’ve gone from Bandstand, Henry V to Sweeney Todd and Twelfth Night. Its been quite the range of styles, and lots of emotions to go along with it.

I celebrated my second Halloween in NY too. (Wow, on reflection, alot has happened in such a short space of time!) The RA’s hosted a Halloween Spooktacular, and I thought I would make an effort with a costume. Alas, welcome Piper Chapman (Orange Is The New Black.) I spent the evening trying not to freak out at some of the scarier costumes, eating Pizza and socialising with my new friends. These guys, ahh!

IMG_0107                     IMG_0142

I’ve been doing all I can, and treated myself to a new pair of tap shoes! My old ones were starting to fall of my feet, and looked like the cat had dragged them in, and out, and in back again. So I took a trip to the place where every hopefuly Broadway gal dreams of …

La Duca IMG_0184

I walked out with a dream pair of tap shoes and put them straight into action. They are so comfortable and the sound they create is music to my ears. I am in love!


I’ll round this up with a trip to the MET. An acting assignment brought me here, and I’m rather glad as it’s one of the few places I’ve yet to explore since moving to New York. We wandered the grandeous halls and looked at many masterpieces… My job was to find a painting that made me want to watch it for at least 20minutes. Even though I am familiar with this piece, It was the one that didn’t want me to leave;


– “study for a sunday on la grande jatte” 1884 Georges Seurat

It’s the 5th of November. I managed to get an extra hour of sleep today (bless!!) and I’m about to get ready to rehearse, rehearse and watch COME FROM AWAY (thank you Emily!) I have promised that I will try to write a weekly blog…. Let’s see how realistic that goal is.

November is the Month to be extra-thankful. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I thank everyone that help me get here, especially my mom.

Here’s to more adventures in the greatest city in the world. 


” Everything I’ll ever need is here, this is how my world gets made. “


Gossip Girl

(unfortunately not. But I did live my S&B dreams on the steps of the MET)

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