Sunday In The Park With…

George Tessa!

Even though I was born and bred in the Midlands, a trip to Harrogate would be the furthest north of England I can ever remember venturing! BUT what a weekend it was.

Spending my life in built up, busy cities, its so easy to forget just how beautiful the countryside, and England truly is! The moment last month’s pay day had hit, my trains were booked to visit not only this gorgeous town but my wonderful friend Tessa! The last time I saw her, we were both wrapped up to the nines walking around the plummeting temperatures of Manhattan… But we also got to witness the brilliance of Cate Blanche (The Present) and Jake Gyllenhall (Sunday In The Park With George.)

I was ready for a weekend of pretty sites and laughter.


Now, I didn’t get to ride the Hogwarts Express but I finally arrived and after a good night’s sleep we hit the ground running.

Harrogate is such a picturesque place, and I can see why people do not want to leave. My mind felt at ease, and time didn’t feel like It was racing me, and winning. I had chance to just be. Yes, I realise that sounds so ridiculous and hippy, but its the plainest way to describe it.


I had the best time catching up with Tessa, and being shown all the sites. To top of it off, I was treated to a trip and dinner at the world famous BETTY’s (

Afternoon Tea goals were met, once again!


Betty’s has been going for over a hundred years. And its very easy to understand why. I felt like I was stepping into a strange scene from Downton Abbey, with all the staff in their Victorian Style uniforms, and see all the stunning window displays. Oh … and the scones; maybe the best I’ve ever had!

Tessa, you are such a beautiful soul; inside and out. I am so grateful to have you in my life, and look forward to more fun times ahead, on both sides of the pond! 


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