Keep it happy, keep it snappy, keep it gay!

July meant the following things; PRIDE, Shows, My Birthday, and a Holiday. Boy it was fun.

Celebrating Pride in Soho is truly a highlight every year. And this one was not as lengthy as they normally are, but I had a blast dancing the streets with bright pink hair, faceprint and of course my pals!


Getting to sing back in my Hometown and London was a joy! I am so blessed to know some really really talented souls; we definitely put on a bloody good show. I really need to get around to uploading some videos … That’s on the to-do list!


Celebrating another year of my life seems to feel stranger each time it passes. I feel no different to when I turned 18, yet the number is surely creeping up towards the big, dare I say it, Three Zero. ANYWAY… I never like to do anything too over the top, so a night of Bowling was in store. I can assure you, Bowling will never be something featured on a resume of mine … But loosing aside, I laughed so much that night and had so much fun.


To end the month, I got to spend four days away with my oldest forever friend, Laura and her beautiful little family. I have know Laura since I was 6 years old, and it scares us both that her little girl is almost the same age that we both met?! Great Yarmouth may not be anywhere on your top places to visit this summer, but It felt so good to breath in the fresh sea air, and take life a slightly slower rate. Spending time with them literally cleanses my soul; I am so blessed to still have Laura in my life, and continue our friendship, and add to the memories.

(I’m trying to dig some photos out from when we were little! Stay tuned!)

Even though I ended the break with a horrific fever and my other good ol’ friend tonsillitis, I had such a lovely time. The only plus side of getting ill: THE NHS!!!!!!!

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