On a Sunday

…by the blue, purple, yellow, red water. On the green, purple, yellow, red grass. Let us pass through our perfect park. Pausing on a Sunday…

Wait a second! As beautiful as Sondheim’s lyrics are, this is not how my first Sunday back seemed to pan out. 

The first week back at AMDA has commenced and Sunday was spent with a day full of classes. There is truly no rest for the wicked!

However, I cannot complain. I am so happy to have my favourite people back, as selfish as that sounds. The last few days of break included a very fun trip to the Natural History Museum (which is in fact only 8 blocks away from our dorm!) 

It’s such a beautiful museum but I quickly learnt whales are actually pretty scary. In fact anything that was relatively bigger than me, I wasn’t really enjoying being too close to.

The next day brought Manhattan SNOW. Now when I mention the white stuff, I mean inches and inches. Not just an icing sugar sprinkle that would have brought the entire UK to a halt!

So what’s the best thing for a group of American students to do… Well of course build a snowman, but one step further. Snowball fights! 

The first week back has been intense. With only three weeks away from our final demos, it’s all rehearsal, rehearsal, rehearsal. I am so grateful to be surrounded by super talented and supportive people at school. The friends I have made mean so much to me, and make every day hilariously fun and memorable! 

I cannot believe I’ve been living in New York for the best part of 4 months and I am almost in my second semester. Time really does fly when you’re having fun. 

So after a very long 6 day week; here’s to….

SUNDAYS! Never take them for granted. 


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