Once upon a December

I realise the blogging hasn’t been very regular over the past couple of months.  But I can justify the lack of posting due to the whirlwind of life that is AMDA.


Where do I begin? October brought some challenges within school; pushing myself out of my comfort area, and on reflection has made me grow that bit more.  I keep spreading the ‘Levain’ joy with my friends. If you are unsure of what Levain is … be sure to check out their website. Their cookies literally melt in your mouth and fill you up for the rest of the day. Needless to say this isn’t a snack, it’s a 6oz meal! [If you try these out, my favourite is the dark chocolate peanut butter chip. It’s heaven!]


November blew some strong winds into New York, and gone were the jackets, and out came the thermals, hats, scarfs, gloves and anything else I could wrap myself up with. My wisdom teeth decided to pay a visit. My gums and lips had a lovely swollen couple of weeks. HOWEVER, November brought my first official American Thanksgiving. And boy was it everything and more I had hoped for. Getting only a couple of hours sleep, we braved the cold at 4am to get a good spot. After going back for a nap and returning at sunrise, there were also hundreds of people eyeing up a good spot! Once we had gotten over our diva disappointment… we managed to actually get onto thimg_3486e bleechers!

**Which I may add, you can only sit there, if you have a ticket. And to attain a ticket, you have to know someone in the parade. Thank you to whoever was watching over my friends and I that day; I had a blast!





We hung out in a mid-town apartment that night, and felt like proper grown ups in the city. Cooking a feast, and drinking the night away, this Thanksgiving is one I am sure never to forget.img_3642

My time at AMDA gets more jam packed every day, and before I knew it… I had been at school for 8 weeks and mid-terms were upon us. I felt challenged within every class but, ready! I felt so proud to be part of my talented class after our Musical Theater exams; everyone was AWESOME!

img_3741And … before you could sing Dancing Bears, Painted Wings… December was upon us. Manhattan is such a beautiful city, but it really outdid itself with Christmas and overall
holiday spirit. Seeing the Rockefeller tree in it’s full glory, Ice Skating in Central Park (and doing a terrible job) and present shopping were just some of the joys December brought.




I saw some pretty fabulous shows too ….. Waitress, In Transit, Something Rotten, Holiday Inn, AND December 12th brought me back to my favourite show of 2016, and maybe EVER….


For those of you who know me well, you will understand how much this concert meant to me. After falling in love with the show back in April, and feeling very fortunate to see it in it’s full glory on Broadway. Getting to re-live the music, with the whole team was truly sensational. And of course I have got many of my American Friends hooked on the show too. My two best girls in NY got to share the evening with me.

Needless to say this was a blissful highlight of the month.

img_3956Secret Santa arrived, put smiles on our classes faces and then it was time to say goodbye to our friends for the first time in two months. Christmas break was here. It might sound dramatic, but my heart sunk a tad watching all my new friends, and second family depart our little home in the Upper West Side to go back to their own families…. Who was going to keep me entertained every evening? Thankfully my twin, and fellow Samantha was sticking around. Which meant she had to stick with me.




Christmas has been slightly unconventional for the past 7 years, so this one didn’t feel too dissimilar.


Boxing day took me out of the city and a new adventure to Massachusetts.I got to see snow that went up to my knees, and spend a few days in the most enjoyable and kind company. I even hiked up a mountain…. If I had known hiking was on the agenda, converse wouldn’t have been my go-to choice of shoes.


So 2016 is wrapping up. I’m back in Manhattan, excited for the celebration of the new year, and what it will hold.

Wow. Two months has FLOWN by.



2 thoughts on “Once upon a December

  1. Sammi lovely to read what you have been up to, sounds like your well and truly settled. Happy New Year to you, hope 2017 is everything you want it to be. Love you, Lin & Dave xx

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