It’s gonna be a Happy New Year

Considering the first three days of my 2016 weren’t the most enjoyable (I spent the first two recovering from a terrible hangover, and then had a facial resulting in my eye swelling so badly I ended up in hospital.) Besides the drama, 2016 has been an incredible year.

My dreams have literally become a reality. I am now living where my mind, body and soul feel at peace and at home. Every day I thank everyone for helping me get here.

I feel like I have regained MY self. It’s been a tough time to emotionally nagivate and find me again, but I feel like its happened.

Now I’m getting to see the new year in with some of my closest people in my new home, and I think about what this next year holds for me….

  • Another 6 months of bliss in my favourite city.
  • Returning to London to reuinte with my family, and friends. Working my socks off before coming back home in the fall.
  • Learn and grow further as a performing from my incredible teachers at AMDA
  • The chance to visit more of America
  • Continue working on that Broadway Bod
  • Build on the fantastic friendships that have started to blossom
  • Remind myself I am living the dream.

So here’s to 2017; lets all find the positive things to look toward.



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