There’s nothing like summer in the city …

…As long as you have Air Conditioning!

The last couple of weeks have been somewhat challenging. I never really thought about how hot it can get in New York.

Growing up in the UK weather that high the high 20’s (75+ for my USA pals) was a rarity, which usually occurs in June, or late September for a couple of weeks. Every single Brit will be out in their summer finest; Perhaps flip flops, shorts and a t-shirt! Desperate to catch every ray of sun you can and by the end of the heat wave ending up like a lobster.

The exposure we get to great weather is usually on a trip to Europe, or if you’re super lucky somewhere more exotic around the world. I have been fortunate enough to get to Holiday (Vacay) pretty much every year since I can remember; massive thanks to my parents!!! So the thought of the sun blazing on my skin, giving me a lovely glow has been exciting me ever since the winter of New York froze my soul.

BUT I forgot one very very important thing. Holiday = hotels/apartments which are 99% of the time fully equipped with Air. COLD AIR. And as much as I totally adore my new apartment, it was lacking this vital ingredient.

The determined stubborn side of me had taken over, and I was convinced I could survive the summer. But after a mere 5 days of heat… enough was enough. However here’s a few tips that I learnt along the way to getting A/C;

1, FREEZE EVERYTHING THAT TOUCHES YOUR BODY AT NIGHT. I ended up soaking my towels, pillowcases and pjs, and leaving them in the freezer throughout the day. It was bliss! Well until everything returns to room temperature and you now realise you are laying on damp HOT towels.

2. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT waste money on a fan. They do nothing except circulate hot air around your already very hot apartment. If it’s too late; keep that thing pointing out of the window. There’s some strange science but I have to admit this really does help keep you from going insane.

3. Only allow cold drinks and cold food into your body.

4. Become ultimate BFF’s with a cold shower. Even 4-5 times a day.

5. Don’t make the mistake of using the oven, or dryer (if you’re lucky enough to have one in your apartment.) This only adds to the craziness.

6. Spend as much time as you can away from your apartment. I resulted in tripling my time at the gym. I was sweating, but at least sweating with the aid of A/C

and lastly…

7. Empty subway cars are always to be weary of at the best of times. But in the summer it’s a clear indication of one thing.

There will be no Air Conditioning in that car. STAY AWAY!


Here’s to summer, in the greatest (and maybe sweatiest, city in the world!)

— xo

Bring On Tomorrow!

“….We can’t wait!”

After spending months singing these lyrics during Fame, I can’t believe It’s now been over a month since I actually GRADUATED! I wanted so much to keep up with my blogging regularly this year, but the final semester really gave me no free time, and in the blink of your eyes, July is here.

So the next few blogs may be slightly out of sync… I want to fill you in on what went down over the last six months (wow half the year has gone already?!) That aside, I am looking forward to what the next year has in store for me, and quite honestly, I can say, I am the happiest I have ever been!


Graduation actually occurred the day after I had officially moved out of The Stratford Arms (a truly bittersweet feeling) and into my beautiful, new apartment in Manhattan. I had the pleasure of celebrating our final classes with my wonderful group, followed by pizza, drinks and a very late night. After a couple of hours shut eye, It was time to get ready in the Cap and Gown and go…

“Do your thing, on the runway!” 

– Thanks to Ru for always having the right song for my life stories!


I may have only managed to get 2 hours sleep, but nonetheless ASOS deserves a shout out for the fantastic dress I found for the occasion. It made up for the bags under my eyes, and the sweat that was about to appear from the New York sun!

Even though I had the pleasure of Graduating from school in London back in 2012; my AMDA graduation felt extra special. Caps, Gowns, Graduations and Proms just SCREAM America to me, so I couldn’t wait to live my best High-School Musical life (HA!)


– Your eyes aren’t deceiving you. I did replace Sharpay Evans face with mine. No shame. At. All.

I could write for days upon end about each person that has made an impact on me during this experience, but you know I love you dearly, and how much you mean to me. So I’ll save my extra soppy side and just post some of my favourite photos from the day.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Today wasn’t just about getting to dress up, take a million photos with friends and loved ones, but a MASSIVE personal milestone.

I did it.

Two years ago I was knee deep working any, and every job I could in London. Planning shows and fundraising however I could. In fact, I think around this time two years ago, it actually wasn’t looking very promising that I could even board the plane to come in the first place. So walking into the hall seeing all my fellow classmates in their royal blue uniform, almost brought a tear to my eye. I’m HERE.

20180526_NY_Spring Graduation_KC Bailey

I have expressed my thanks so much, but here I go again. Because, why not? Gratitude and thanks should handed out daily, by the gallon.


To every single individual, wherever you are in the world now, who helped get me here; you have started a chapter of my life that has made me feel complete. I always knew I wanted to be in New York, and ultimately perform here too. Even just being presented with the opportunity to come, felt like I had won the lottery, but completing the finishing life has made the dream a reality.


I have made friends for life, learnt from some of the most talented, humble and AWESOME people, and created memories that will be worth more than any price tag.

This is just the beginning chapter, of hopefully many many more here. I look forward to keeping you all updated with my adventures and journeys, and really hope you can and will come and visit me.


– xo

New York or Bust!

I haven’t just arrived (side note: I was shocked I hadn’t used this as a title already for a blog entry!) So …. I haven’t just arrived to NYC, but February marks the start of Professional New York auditions, and I am so excited. I have 4 lined up for next week, and even though I may not get seen for any, the prospect of getting back into the room is filling me with excitement and nerves, but good adrenaline.

4th Semester is here, and I am looking forward to working with this new group of people; and graduating with them: F4’s!

IMG_1984(for more updates FOLLOW ME)

Within 24 hours, I had to part ways with some people who I know I will be friends with regardless of the next 15 weeks, in fact no matter what happens over the next chapter of my life; I know they will be a part of it still. 3rd Semester; you taught me to be even more patient, and filled me with so many more fantastic, and side-splitting memories!


And just like that, I have dates for my Musical and Drama showcases at AMDA (I am sure i’ll spam your news feeds with dates over the coming months!) We are almost at the end of our second week of Musical rehearsals and it’s been a rollercoaster of emotions, and throwbacks…. (Copacabana memories GALORE!) The most heart warming news…. my mum is able to fly over (in such a short space of time) and get to see me on a stage again. More importantly, I just cannot wait to give her the biggest hug and spend some well needed, quality time together. Our second time of taking on NYC together!


(throwback to November 2015.)

I’m spending my days researching where and whom I need to audition for, preparing letters and music, and having my new photos taken by the beautiful soul that is SHIRIN TINATI – she worked her talented, and left me wanting to be her best friend. After quite a rocky week, I left feeling beautiful, positive and back on track. Here’s just a snippet of what came out of that:


(P.S Anyone at AMDA still need shots, BOOK HER NOW; she has 6 spaces left before our deadline approaches!) 

It’s all early rises, and late nights, but I feel like I am about to embark on a very exciting part of my story here. I have 6 days to apply for my OPT; and know that this is a goal I can accomplish. I’m saving every cent I can (and trying not to eat as I do to save money) so I can take my papers into school next week and get another year in New York to work, and attain performing jobs. I know so many of you have helped me so much thus far, and if you have a spare $, I can’t say thank-you enough times!

That’s all for now, next week is audition time. Blog to follow.

“This is my moment, I know it, I can taste it and I sure ain’t gonna waste it and it’s time I faced it!” 




Keep it Positive…

I originally intended to start this chapter of my blog about the month of January; how quickly it has gone. and the highlights that it brought. But as I came to sit and write tonight, I think It will begin on a slightly different note.


After what has been a really fun, enjoyable and memorable week of 3rd semester demos, today threw my soul against a brick wall. Now the following comments will probably cross your mind when you continue reading (I know they will, because they would flash through mine!)

  1. It’s the nature of the business, Honey!
  2. Are you fishing for compliments?
  3. Suck it up girl!

But today, hearing and seeing judgemental, teenage, and quite frankly bitchy behaviour from people that are supposed to be on the same journey as me, affected me more that I would normally let it. AND to the above 3 comments, I KNOW! I’m not personally upset, and after having an episode of word vomit on Facebook, I cannot express my love and gratitude for the wonderful people and support network that I DO have in my life. This is more about respect, for each other as girls, artists and human beings.

Having a friend literally catch someone bad mouthing you, (in the public vacinity of a fast food restuarant) and really judging you clearly because the way you look makes my skin crawl. Don’t get me wrong, I know my strengths, and areas for improvement. I am no way near the most beautiful, sexy, talented or funniest Eve in the world, but I am proud of the fully grown adult I am.

Girls should be supporting other girls. We don’t need to all look like the same size 2, 5ft 5, blonde perfect barbie to be beautiful, talented or right for a part.

***Flash back to the moment Elle confronts Vivian:

“…We girls have to stick together. We shouldn’t try to look good by making each other look bad…”

And the Vivian style-judgement were just some of the voices in my head that were slapping me throughout my final Tap demonstration this afternoon. (Maybe that explains why I decided to throw a couple extra beats into our routine? No that was just because I messed up. And that too is OKAY!) 

This week included a celebration of every third semesters growth, talent, personality and journey. And each person is on their own path, at their own stage, and I have respect for all that had the opportunity to perform. And even those who maybe didn’t get to share their work, I urge everyone to hit 4th Semester the way a Drag Race queen slays a death drop.

drop– “Sickening”

Casting is always like a Game of Thrones battle scene for me. Dramatic, and never certain where or whom will survive. I lie in this funky gray area, and because the big 3-0 is catching up on me, I am no spring chicken any more (booo!) Fortunatley, both sides of the gene pool have blessed me with fabulously youthful skin, and because of my obsession with chocolate, my chubby cheeks add to my juvenile looks. I have a voice that sometimes likes to pretend its a wannabe Julie Andrews, and sometimes a crazy Imelda Staunton (Oh, sometimes my face adds to the latter! Ohhhh and that is not a dig at Ms. Staunton, I would die a happy lady to have a slice of her career!) BUT which pigeon hole I sit in came move frequently. It’s never really been something that has bothered me, I quite like being able to have the variety and choice (eek: that sounds ridiculously vain!) And after all, this crazy business I have dedicated my life to, is completely subjective.

The bubble of a drama school can become very spiteful, decieving yet on the flip side surprising, and continually inspirng. People will talk, have opinions, (we all do; and if you say you don’t you’re probably the worst culprit out there!?) My advice…. have common sense ladies; we all talk, and you never know who is friends with who, and who is going to be standing right behind you when you decide to open your mouth. No one person is entitled to “own” a role…. I will use my go to example for anything theatrical, because even the MT haters can make the reference: Wicked. Just think of ALL the Elphaba’s that followed Idina …. do you think she’s bitter? NO WAY. Do you think she comments on other peoples physical appearance, or their approach. NO WAY. Every single one was given that opportunity because the creatives behind that show saw a person recreating life, with qualities in them they saw inside the green gal described on the page.

Basically, what i’m trying to preach is we should stop comparing others, and focus more on ourselves. Support each other, and if the itch to opinion-ate arrises; at least do it somewhere that isn’t a drama school local?!

After spending 6 years working with under 7’s teaching them confidence, it truly unlocked me as a person in my early 20’s, (wow) and gave me the confidence to give some aplomb (thanks Neher!) and not care… So I thoroughly enjoy throwing myself into a character like Mrs Lovett, pulling ugly faces and not caring about anything else other than Todd and those damned pies! HOWEVER, this does not mean ugly, bold and machiavellian is my bit. Getting the chance to portray someone “normal” (such a vague word to use) but who experiences love, is also something doable. I’m proud of the work I’ve achieved this semester, but that does not give me right, and neither do I claim to have any over ANY of the roles I have worked on. And for the haters out there, who were waiting for some Regina George comment to escape my mouth today; pride and happiness were the only things that beamed out of me watching one of my best gals smash a number from a show I too worked on. Because that is genuine friendship, and kindness.

The talent that surrounds me on a daily basis fills my heart with joy. After all, I’m sure every performer out there wanted to do what they do because they saw someone else that was breath-taking, and wanted to be just like that. We don’t achieve greatness by knocking other people down?! This week I got to see some of my best friend in America up on the stage and totally rock it; whether they sang a duet or thrived every moment of the group number, my smile was so big, my cheeks hurt at the end! Getting to see people that I have worked with over the last year, (or just got to know outside of the classroom) go up and live has been a highlight of January. You all inspire me to… eat less chocolate, pirouette harder, look deeper into lines and just work further on my craft. I am nothing other than thankful, and grateful for that.

The group I have been blessed to spend the last 15 weeks with have given me some side-splitting memories, and I’ve gained wonderful new friends. You hold a special place in the beginning of my American Chapter in life, and for that, Thank-you.

So… quite a deep one for a February Friday night.

But: “Hey Hey Hey, be positive!”



“…Well, maybe next year.”

(Not the most optimistic title for the blog, but I’m trying to stick to song lyrics and titles from Musicals, and there aren’t too many “Happy New Year” dedications out there! But you can never fault a good ol’ Sondheim lyric.)

It is officially 2018… how did that happen?

I hope that wherever you are in the world reading this, you had a wonderful Holiday season with friends, family and loved ones. And saw the new year in with a bottle, I mean a glass, or two of Prosecco.

January seems to the be the month of positive changes in everyones life; Kick starting fitness, healthier food choices and other resolutions made over the past few weeks. I mean, honestly, with the amount of food we all somehow manage to consume during a few festive days, I understand the need to hit the gym hard!

Anyway, January is my last month of regular classes at AMDA, before I enter the world of AUDITIONS!? So for me, the gym and food is a continued must, but getting new headshots taken (that reminds me, I need highlights too!) Finishing up my resume and new song book brings for a year of opportunites here in America.

Alike the last decade, 2017 went by quicker than expected. My social media feeds are over flowing with peoples “Best 9.” But the amount of likes on a photo doesn’t truly reflect the best 9 memories of a year. So if you’re not bored yet… Here’s a round up of the year, with my best photos from each month.

I say it all the time, but it’s because I don’t want anyone to ever think you are taken for granted:  I am so grateful for the people I have in my life, and all the laughs, tears and moments that have been engraved in my mind over the past 365 days. 

To be completely cliché …

“How do you measure, measure a year?” 


Too much snow, the end of First Semester and Friends. No matter how far they travel, they never leave your heart. ❤



A week with Tessa, and other UK friends and Second Semester: I.E Vintage HAPPINESS!


Knowing Kirby Lunn will be a friend for life, more Vintage Happiness and Adoring Second Semester so much, you find out your teacher is Married to SCUTTLE and Broadway Star Eddie Korbich! (I’m allowed to Fan-Girl every now and then!) 


Spring and Coney Island, Spreading the British love of AFTERNOON TEA as an RA and Pizza with The B’s!


My first Baseball Game (Even if the Yankees Lost!) Headshots with the incredibly talented Darnell Bennett and ending my second semester with an group of Talent, whom I’m lucky to call my friends.


Saying Farewell to the USA for summer, ending with a magical trip to Disneyworld. Finally reunited with my mom, and celebrating so many things back in London with friends!


Schedules working out and still seeing Seb over the Summer! Turning another year older wiser, and Beauty and The Beast Afternoon Tea with my mom.  Also being knocked with Tonsilitis for the first time in a long time (but I choose to not represent that in images?!) after a lovely break with my best girls Laura and Evie.  


Okay so alot went down in August…. Singing for our Supper across London with the Buttercups, Visiting Tessa in Harrogate and Managing to catch Follies at The National Theater before I leave. Did I mention, Steven Sondheim HIMSELF was watching that night, and about 6ft away from me! AHH! Seeing Leah smash it in Oklahoma! at the Proms, dedicating pretty much every day to the Gym, exploring random places in London with Char and saying goodbye again to EVERYONE!


Back to NY; with Seb too! An obsession with Make-Up and Sephora … whom I entirely blame on Emily and Deciding to get into some DIY (Thanks Youtube!)


Test shooting with Darnell, Returning as an RA with a AMAZING bunch of people, and starting third sesmeter making some friends for LIFE! Lex, Israel and Mackenzie; I love you.


A visit from Katie, so an excuse to be a tourist again, spend lots of money and see those flawless Rockettes! Spending sundays Brunching with Besties and getting ready for the plummeting temperatures. Game of Thrones don’t lie when they say “Winter is Coming.” Yes. To New York. 


Chocolate, Significant Other Bitches and finishing for Winter Break. Which included many more goodbyes, but it’s only for two weeks, so I can cope.


Reflecting on all this has now made 2017 feel more than a blink of an eye. Its the afternoon of January 1st, and I am excited to see what the next year holds.



– xo

“Have yourself a merry little Christmas…”

I’m sat in the warmth of my little box room, on the Upper West Side of Manhattan enjoying my day. A slightly non conventional Christmas Day, but if we are speaking honestly, the 25th of December has definitely been overthrown by commercialism over the last couple of decades.

As cynical as this blog is beginning to sound, I am actually having a fabulously relaxed day. The winter break has been well and truly needed, and deserved. I have been able to catch up on sleep that my body has so desperately craved since October and it feels WONDERFUL (and not in the ironic It’s a Wonderful Life way!)

I’m 10 weeks into my Third Semester at AMDA, and only 5 weeks away from hitting the New York Casting rooms. To quote, “Excited and Scared” (thanks Sondheim) would definitely summarize how I feel about this. I can’t wait to get back into the world of auditions, and working, however being here in New York, my future depends on my success. If I could ask for any Christmas Gift, it would be prayers and hope from my friends and family that 2018 brings me many more chapters in this city, which my heart knows as home. 

I’ll save a review of the last ten weeks for the New Years resolution , I mean, hopes blog.

For now, wherever you are in the world, and even if you don’t celebrate this holiday, take a moment to say I Love You to your nearest and dearest and have a glass of something fun and fizzy.


It’s Hard To Be The Bard…

The last two weeks have once again flown by. I have finished a very long day of rehearsals, revised the New York Times arts & leisure section, sung through my book, practiced my mid-term dance combinations and reviewing every word for the Shakespeare texts that lie ahead of me.

Acting has now progressed, well and brought me back to the Bard himself. It always reminds me of the two glorious years I spent in Stratford-Upon-Avon studying at one of the best colleges, and living down the road from the Birth place of this legend. (This is when I would ordinarily throw a picture of the good times on here… but I need to try get my hard drive back in action so I can unearth some golden oldies!) For now a snapshot of Will’s house will have to do;

4b14b9b4e6cd2a71508a648291dbebf3--shakespeares-birthplace-literary-travelIt’s when I see pictures like this, I miss the beauty that England holds.

Anyway… We are studying Shakespeare, and all his words have to offer. I adore getting lost in the rhythm and the words, but I have to admit hearing and speaking them with an American dialect feels like treason. Like I am disobeying my own roots, and how the words should sound. BUT, alas, I understand why I must.

Other than getting to frolick with Twelfth Night, I am getting to spend time with a little boy, who I have watched grow over the last 6 months. He holds such a special place in my heart, and always cheers me up.

He thinks Snapchat is hillarious. He particularly liked the Unicorns!

New York has finally decided that Fall has arrived, and temperatures went from 30 to -3 (this is CELCIUS for my American friends before they really panic!) in 24 hours. So the Sweaters (Jumpers) and the layers have resurfaced in my wardrobe. Honestly, New York winds are in their own category of weather; the chill rips through your eyeballs: OUCH!

Sundays have turned into a gathering of my new gorgeous friends and hanging out in new spots around the city having Brunch! How very Sex and The City of us (albeit on a massive budget!) I am so grateful for the new faces I’m getting to work with this semester. Sorry you’re going to hear and see their faces quite a bit over the next few months!

Other than brunching, I am spending the spare dollars I have on Make-up. I blame my obsession on Emily Bagshawe. Sorry I had to name and shame you, but I know you don’t mind at all. So a few new additions were added to the collection. Sephora you are a blessing and a huge sin at the same time.

(On the left: Boxy Charm – for my USA friends. Its $21 a month, but you get FOUR to FIVE full sized products every month. And always something high end. Check it out!! On the right: A couple of treats from the Weekly Wows at Sephora: Buxom White Russian (Finally!) and Amanda, and a gorgeous winter sparkly eye palette!) 


Every blog, I say I will start reviewing the shows I see. I have set myself a dead line to write up the ones I have seen this semester. I won’t go into details here, but I managed to bag some fancy orchestra seats for HELLO, DOLLY! And boy, it was worth every single cent. – Happy Birthday Miss Bagshawe!



This week brings some many things to look forward to….

KATIE FORGE herself hitting the City! (EEE!)


BLACK FRIDAY – apologies in advance credit card, and mum!

And a half week at school. I adore every day I spend at AMDA, but the extra two days off are definitely needed as we are entering the 6th (sɪksθ – thinking always in IPA!) WEEK of my Third semester.

“…My days are so busy it’s making me dizzy. There’s so much I gotta do…”

-Something Rotten



They Say Times Are Hard For Dreamers …

And Third Semesters! Well at least that’s the rumour that goes around AMDA: that Third Semester will eat you alive.


(My RA board for this semester… I’m pretty proud of it! Of course obvious shout-outs always go to my main gals (The Buttercups)My Mother, Disney and London! Thanks to Tessa for the inspirational colors and theme too!)

I’m three weeks in, and it has flown by. Technically five weeks if you count the two I had worked training and orientation.  Moving back into dorms was such a strange feeling. On one hand It felt like I had never left. Everything still looked and smelt the same (any Stratford arms resident will totally understand what I mean!?) However I hadn’t stepped foot inside the doors for three months; there were so many new people, and I felt like I almost didn’t belong.


However within 24 hours I had moved in, made my room look and feel comfortable and I was ready for the madness to commence.


(More photos to follow of my room. In fact I may even blog about the little touches I made. Everything cost so little, and has really transformed it!) 

Orientation brought me a new fantastic friend and co-worker, and the most fun week! I shared a week introducing a bunch of students to New York and AMDA and they have all touched my heart. The sweetest and most sincere and enthusiastic people I have had the priviledge to meet! To group 2; you ROCK! And you continue to make me feel like a Superstar every day you see me !!!

Alas, third semester began. I choose my words carefully, as Acting is taking us way back to my roots of Stratford-Upon-Avon and SHAKESPEARE!

I am now officially an E3. My new group of friends are fiercely talented and beautiful; I am very excited to share the next 15 weeks with some old, but mainly new faces. We have been blessed with incredible teachers (even though they all have their own individual ways of working and testing,) and I’ve been very lucky to be placed in the highest level for EVERY dance class. However I share being an E3 and ALL my dance classes with the ridiculously talented Oz… Broadway watch out; he is going to Sissone his way right to center stage (and probably quite literally!!)


(Check out his instagram: Oz Shoshan – and you’ll understand just how incredible!)

Every day there is something new to learn; whether it be a Shakespearean text, a new solo or duet, polishing new routines or perfecting my American Standard dialect. It’s full on and I am overall loving it! Oh, and I got selected to take a Dialects elective: here’s to learning some fabulous regional American Accents this semester!

Within three weeks I’ve gone from Bandstand, Henry V to Sweeney Todd and Twelfth Night. Its been quite the range of styles, and lots of emotions to go along with it.

I celebrated my second Halloween in NY too. (Wow, on reflection, alot has happened in such a short space of time!) The RA’s hosted a Halloween Spooktacular, and I thought I would make an effort with a costume. Alas, welcome Piper Chapman (Orange Is The New Black.) I spent the evening trying not to freak out at some of the scarier costumes, eating Pizza and socialising with my new friends. These guys, ahh!

IMG_0107                     IMG_0142

I’ve been doing all I can, and treated myself to a new pair of tap shoes! My old ones were starting to fall of my feet, and looked like the cat had dragged them in, and out, and in back again. So I took a trip to the place where every hopefuly Broadway gal dreams of …

La Duca IMG_0184

I walked out with a dream pair of tap shoes and put them straight into action. They are so comfortable and the sound they create is music to my ears. I am in love!


I’ll round this up with a trip to the MET. An acting assignment brought me here, and I’m rather glad as it’s one of the few places I’ve yet to explore since moving to New York. We wandered the grandeous halls and looked at many masterpieces… My job was to find a painting that made me want to watch it for at least 20minutes. Even though I am familiar with this piece, It was the one that didn’t want me to leave;


– “study for a sunday on la grande jatte” 1884 Georges Seurat

It’s the 5th of November. I managed to get an extra hour of sleep today (bless!!) and I’m about to get ready to rehearse, rehearse and watch COME FROM AWAY (thank you Emily!) I have promised that I will try to write a weekly blog…. Let’s see how realistic that goal is.

November is the Month to be extra-thankful. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I thank everyone that help me get here, especially my mom.

Here’s to more adventures in the greatest city in the world. 


” Everything I’ll ever need is here, this is how my world gets made. “


Gossip Girl

(unfortunately not. But I did live my S&B dreams on the steps of the MET)

Goodbye Until Tomorrow

I feel a strange sense of De Ja Vu as I sit writing this. Although this time I’m not flying in first class (you win some, you loose some!) It’s almost been a year since I said my goodbyes for the first time and left for the beginning of this whole mad adventure.

I blinked and August literally vanished.

The last week has been filled with the Dentist (AGH) Celebrations, and Farewells! The latter, never gets easier.

Oh, but yesterday I did have a trip to a wonderful spot near Victoria, which if you’re ever in London, you should check out.

(Peggy Porschen)

Leaving London is always such a bittersweet feeling. I cannot deny I love my job, even though it has cursed me with a awful bought of laryngitis! And I have people that have made such an impact on my life, I know wherever our paths lead, we will always be friends. But I know New York is home, I know my heart has a strange full feeling when I am there. Combatting being excited for one, and pining not to leave loved ones is tricky.

Alas, I’m on the plane and always know they are only a 6 hour journey away.

This post doesn’t really have many exciting stories in it, but is just a way for me to say how AMAZING my friends and family are.

To my main HONS in London … I miss you already. I could sit here and write why you’re so great, but I’d probably start the ugly crying, and I’m not sure the people sat next to me would be able to cope. So instead here’s just some pictures of my favourite people, and times I’ve shared with you this summer.

A picture says a thousand words, and I know if you’re reading this, that’s all you’ll need to know the memory and magic behind each one.

One shout out I’ll never stop making is to my mum. Saying goodbye and seeing you cry at the departures gate breaks my heart, and is making me shed a tear now. It’s silly really, I know you’re always there, but I will miss your wonderful cuddles on a slightly more regular basis. Keep being the fabulous, talented, strong, funny, beautiful lady you are; I love you so much. On that note, I will not continue to be soppy! You know how much you mean to me x


So there we have it London, thank you for being yourself; grimy, gritty and real.

I can’t wait to see what Manhattan has in store for me over the next year…

Don’t forget, Dream Big. However out of reach it seems, anything is possible. I still can’t believe I get to call New York, home.

reality quote

Sunday In The Park With…

George Tessa!

Even though I was born and bred in the Midlands, a trip to Harrogate would be the furthest north of England I can ever remember venturing! BUT what a weekend it was.

Spending my life in built up, busy cities, its so easy to forget just how beautiful the countryside, and England truly is! The moment last month’s pay day had hit, my trains were booked to visit not only this gorgeous town but my wonderful friend Tessa! The last time I saw her, we were both wrapped up to the nines walking around the plummeting temperatures of Manhattan… But we also got to witness the brilliance of Cate Blanche (The Present) and Jake Gyllenhall (Sunday In The Park With George.)

I was ready for a weekend of pretty sites and laughter.


Now, I didn’t get to ride the Hogwarts Express but I finally arrived and after a good night’s sleep we hit the ground running.

Harrogate is such a picturesque place, and I can see why people do not want to leave. My mind felt at ease, and time didn’t feel like It was racing me, and winning. I had chance to just be. Yes, I realise that sounds so ridiculous and hippy, but its the plainest way to describe it.


I had the best time catching up with Tessa, and being shown all the sites. To top of it off, I was treated to a trip and dinner at the world famous BETTY’s (

Afternoon Tea goals were met, once again!


Betty’s has been going for over a hundred years. And its very easy to understand why. I felt like I was stepping into a strange scene from Downton Abbey, with all the staff in their Victorian Style uniforms, and see all the stunning window displays. Oh … and the scones; maybe the best I’ve ever had!

Tessa, you are such a beautiful soul; inside and out. I am so grateful to have you in my life, and look forward to more fun times ahead, on both sides of the pond!